Current Projects

I often become mesmerized by the ecological processes of the Great Canadian Shield. Why they occupy this seemingly enormous 4-dimensional space, they also provide evidence stretched over eons that are profoundly relevant to present living conditions. The scale of it all has, therefore, a profound impact on the well being of our planet. Seeing them is just the beginning.

The reality of the modern world is that it is predominantly urban and often self-centred.


As it makes most decisions about realms outside of its perceived interests or empirical knowledge, it is to be of interest to anyone to ask questions about possible outcomes? 

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Previous Projects

I realized at some point that two properties of water molecules make life, as we all know it, possible. As a trained chemist, I was well aware of them, but my mind failed to apply them to the real world around me. I wonder now why it took me a decade to explore different aspects of it?

Photography from its beginning has served to document social realities. I felt compelled to use the medium in this capacity in an on-going documentary project about the city of Hamilton. My intention had been to encapsulate in a single photograph a given issue at the time as it is was brought to public attention by the city’s mass media.

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