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Continuously evolving projects.

At this time, I don’t have a plan to exhibit my work at a public or private gallery. At the current level of public support, financing public exhibitions is simply unattainable. It doesn’t mean that I lost interest in what I have been doing. My virtual project presentations are continuously evolving, as are my visually narrated Stories

A man’s arrogance is a blinding tool; I should admit this now.

I thought studying fundamental laws of science decades ago equipped me with the capacity to understand. Evidently, and in reality, applied knowledge is what really counts. Everything else in this crowded world of floating around bits and pieces is as good as fantasy. We love fantasizing, but isn’t that a shaky ground to stake the future on?

How could I miss so much in my head? A water vessel with a neuronal network in it that decides what and how I think or control my body. Filled mainly through tiny molecules of the electrifying and temperamental character that I would never be able to see. What else had I missed with such clear evidence of things beyond the seen?

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Photography, from its beginning, has served to document social realities. I felt compelled to use the medium in this capacity in an ongoing documentary project about the city of Hamilton. My intention had been simple; to encapsulate in a single photograph a given issue at the time as it was brought to public attention by the city’s mass media.

“ I Take my City Back” is a parallel project that uses these photographs as the canvas for active public interactions with the City’s encapsulated issues. The project manifest challenged the viewers to write their individual issues’ interpretations on the surface of large photographs finished to the high gallery standards.

Testing the practical application of the democratic concept might lead to unintended consequences.

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Past Exhibition projects.

Past can be relevant while creating new ideas and projects only if it serves as a registry of progress and failures in steps already taken.

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