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Hillcrest Studio            103 Hillcrest Avenue, Dundas, Ontario, Canada  L9H 4X4    1 905 628 3156               Google map location

Current Projects

At some point, I realized I knew almost nothing about the “ecology”; the relationship between living organisms and their environment. When I focused on it, it open for me an entirely new world I didn’t know existed. It has been a rather interesting ride that never slowed down.

Is it possible to see life as a process rather than as a chain of events?

It appears that with the loss of myths in societies around the world, humanity has been failing to equip itself with social consciousness. With that, I have more and more questions than the capacity to answer them.

If anything, I came to realize the true scope of undertaking by luminaries of Enlightenment.

Garden of Time.jpg
Copy of Garden of Adam.jpg

Previous Projects

Each of my countless attempts at control in solitary interactions with the natural world become blinding impediments rather than bearing any advantage. I became slowly aware that I can feel more of what is around me than I can see.


This project concluded several past ones in the last decade, where I focused on the function of water in all living environments.

Photography from its beginning has served to document social realities. I felt compelled to use the medium in this capacity in an on-going documentary project about the city of Hamilton. My intention had been to encapsulate in a single photograph a given issue at the time as it is was brought to public attention by the city’s mass media.

Copy of An Aqueous Mind.jpg