Janusz Wrobel - An Aqueous Mind – Exhibition at Burlington Art Gallery 2016/2017

It is not about who I am, but rather who I am becoming. My past didn’t really offer a choice. Being a passive witness or active participant made no difference when you were born in a place and time where events and your future were absolutely outside of your own control. You adapt to it by seeing everything around as the unfolding processes and not as a chain of single events in one’s life. Conclusions are satisfying; using them is what really matters.

When my experience with humanized European nature confronted the vast stretches of Canadian Shield environments, it rendered my prior understanding of ecology obsolete. My grasp of physics and thermodynamic became my toolbox, helping me to interpret what was in front of me.   

As a consequence, I began to see that the future of our world will depend on the interaction between the spheres of natural and social ecologies. Ignorance on any side is not going to be an option.

Janusz Wrobel in his Hillcrest Studio