Empty space, without any life forms, is quite a challenge to the human mind.

North Shore Study

How I populate it with meanings, or a sense of purpose, makes this world for myself and, possibly, many others.

Bloodvein River

Doing so is a somewhat more grinding process than flashy revelations. Being a part of a human ecosystem*, I am interested in how my mind interacts with the natural world, its hurdles and its consequences.


No matter how tempting it is to pretend that I could form a reasonable accommodation within a natural world, our culture** at this stage doesn’t allow it to happen.

Urban Nature #2

With my life firmly entrenched in the urban environment laced with multitudes of opinions and platforms to communicate,  I am merely a reporter who discloses*** his latest finds.

Tiger Town

I think that nature, the silent partner of my life, reveals the limits of its accommodating capacities. This partner provided the oxygen I needed in every breath I took, stabilized my living conditions, and redistributed heat and water for me.


There should be no more limits in our conversations. What would be the limits in our mutual accommodation?

North shore of Lake Superior

My part is to share a few visual stories. When you feel that we both can contribute something to this conversation, please let me know it.

*  I view my living world as a stage of three continuously interacting spheres. Social (culture, media, institutions, behavioural practice) and physical (industry, technology, agriculture) dominate this stage. The third one, the natural world, seems to be left behind because of its inherent evolutionary timeframe. It appears so when assessed from the perspective of the first two, dramatically more dynamic spheres.

**  I subscribe to the understanding of culture as an easily accessible pool of human experiences, knowledge, emotions and social practices within the human ecosystem.

***  The painter constructs, the photographer discloses.” (Susan Sontag, American writer).