A decade ago, I asked myself a question of what really separates these two images below. Both portraited environments that, in fact, were in very close proximity.

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Cold Front - small.jpg

Although I had no doubt that the place of a spring scene might have looked as the rocky one many times in history, I had no ideas about processes that shaped them so different as they appear to be now. Yet, instinctively, I felt that my life depended on it.


Minesing Swamps in Ontario

Seeing something is to interpret light patterns reaching my eyes. My brain does it relying on my experience with a subject, or it can draw from the pool of available interpretations; our culture.

Fox Channel  of French River 2016
Fox Channel Overview 2019.jpg
Garden of Time.jpg
Garden of Adam.jpg
Copy of An Aqueous Mind.jpg
Copy of Intermission-1.jpg
Misty shores of Georgian Bay, On

If human culture equipped me with both emotions or sound reasoning, it is my choice what I draw from it to interpret the world I see around me. Hopefully, in turn, I should be able to contribute something back to it.

Misty Shoreline.jpg

     At this point in time,    I don’t have any of my work at the commercial gallery. If you have an interest in purchasing my work to your specific size and finishing option requirements, please contact me at your convenience.

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