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Current Project Introduction

Janusz Wrobel -"An Aqueous State" exhibition at Art Gallery of Burlington  2014-150

Janusz Wrobel, An Aqueous State, Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario, Nov 2014-Jan 2015

Seeing is rather an obscure term; it implies that our eyes can see more that the mere frequencies of light signals. Their interpretation happens in a brain connecting with filters of applied knowledge and experiences with the subjects each of us is looking at. It is a process rather than event and not so much the instant revelation.  So is the accumulation of knowledge, experience and the visual vocabulary accumulated in our brains that is connecting us with what we are seeing and interpreting.


I use photography to accumulate the evidence of my view evolution about a specific subject of my interest. Since my subjects are fixed, each new project I undertake reflects everything that is happening around me here & now as well as my past experiences and my views in regard to them. In this sense, each of my current projects is an evolving contemporary one. As each of us strives to contribute something to the presence, one must not forget that there is no future without the past.      

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