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Hillcrest Studio            103 Hillcrest Avenue, Dundas, Ontario, Canada  L9H 4X4    1 905 628 3156               Google map location


Bio short


Janusz Wrobel spent his early years immersed in academic studies in photography while involved in many art exhibitions in Poland and abroad. For two decades after coming to Canada in 1982, he channeled his creativity into developing two successful companies in the fields of commercial studio photography and image processing. Since moving to Dundas, Ontario in 2005, Janusz has dedicated himself entirely to fine art photography. He uses this medium to document his changing ideas and interpretation of processes as he revisits subjects over extended periods of time. His art takes the form of on-going, continuously evolving exhibitions shown in public and private art galleries.

Artist Statement

I see photography as a mirror of intent — it reflects a selective reality shaped by the conscious intention of a photographer. I have used many facets of the medium in this capacity throughout my life. In return, I rely on my photographs as a source of credible evidence documenting the evolution of my perception. It is more about the process than a point of arrival. If this process engages an audience along the way, its contribution should not be measured by an attempt to define a single destination. The responsibility for deeper understanding rests in each individual’s hands.


My work takes the form of evolving exhibition projects focused on two distinct themes:

My primary concern is to portray interactions between the physical and biological worlds that create life-buffering conditions in natural environments at different scales. In this work, I focus attention on the vast Canadian Shield in a way that it becomes a Petri dish for unobstructed observations of processes unfolding on its surface. Following the last glaciation, the Shield and its wetlands became the most effective carbon sink on the planet. This attracts public and scientific interest around the globe but fails to ignite attention in our own country.  Empirical evidence from my past three decades of observation indicates a steady decline in both public interest and overall understanding of ecological processes as they bend under the stress of environmental changes. Yet our future as a species depends on the underlying health of the natural world.


    2.    I find it stimulating to document public interactions with Hamilton’s urban environment and the surrounding biosphere reserve of the Niagara Escarpment and Dundas Valley. As Hamilton tries to break with its industrial past, it encounters entrenched interests and conflicting visions. The faith and perils of restoring urban and original natural ecology testify that it is easier to destroy than to restore a living system.   


​ The progression of our civilization lies in the hands of a continuously growing urban population which possesses a mindset and skills geared to navigate and succeed in urban environments. Although this population has the resources and know-how to get through temporary crises, I don't it has an informed vision or policies in place that would allow the natural world to continuously sustain the urbanized world.


Over time, my own understanding of the natural world has grown through personal experiences and the close, careful observation that photography demands. I hope that my work may in some way serve to make the natural world more understandable to others. I credit humanity with intelligence. I envision my contribution as providing a source of verifiable evidence that anyone might use to rationalize and reconcile her/his relationship with the natural world.

Process Statement

I use modern digital media informed by traditional photographic techniques, tools and practices learned from years spent in darkrooms during my academic and professional career. All stages of printing, finishing, and framing are done by me, using natural and water-based materials to faithfully portray my photographic subjects and to ensure the archival quality of my work.

​Past Exhibitions - spec


2018 February             An Aqueous Mind", exhibition, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

2015 May – Oct.        “The Bruce & The Bay”, exhibition with Lorraine Roy, Circle Arts, Tobermory, Ontario
2015 January               "Intermission", solo exhibition, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario
2014-15 Nov. - Jan.    “An Aqueous State”, exhibition, Art Gallery of Burlington
2014 July-Aug.           "Ebb & Flow", exhibition, Niagara Pumphouse Art Centre, Niagara-on-the-Lake
2014 June                    Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2013 May                     "Ebb & Flow", exhibition, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas
2013 April                    "Georgian Bay", exhibition, Rotunda Gallery, Kitchener
2013 February             The Artist Project 2013, Exhibition Place, Toronto
2012 Sept - Oct.         "In Full View", exhibition at TAG Art Gallery, St. Catharines, ON
2012 March,                The Artist Project Toronto 2012, Exhibition Place, Toronto
2011 May – June         “Primal Encounters”, exhibition, Petroff Gallery, Toronto
2010 Nov-Jan.            “Forces of Nature”, Juried Exhibition, Glenhyrst Art Gallery, Branford, ON
2010 July-Sept             Canadian Landscape Juried Exhibition, Agnes Jamieson Gallery, Minden, ON
2010 Feb-March         Janusz Wrobel & Floyd Elzinga, Petroff Gallery, Toronto
2010 March                 The Artist Project Toronto 2010
2010 January               ”I Take My City Back” on-going art project launched at The Print Studio, Hamilton, Ontario.
2009 March                  The Artist Project Toronto 2009
2008 Aug/Sept.           Three artist exhibition, Petroff Gallery South, 334 Dundas Street West, Toronto.
2008 August                “Ontario Unbound Series", exhibition, Carriage House Gallery, Midland, Ontario.
2008 July                      Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.
2008 June/July            “Flow”, exhibition, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas.
2008                              Janusz Wrobel & Lorraine Roy, Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, Ontario.
2007                              “Naked and Unadorned” Carnegie Gallery, members exhibition.
2007                              “Ontario Unbound” Janusz Wrobel, Jordan Art Gallery, Jordan, Ontario.
2006                              “Sylvan Spirits”show, Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington, Ontario.
2005                               Toronto Art Expo, Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
2004-5                           “Satin and Steel”, Janusz Wrobel & Lorraine Roy at Rebecca Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.                                                                              Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, Ontario.


Past Gallery Representations


Davis Canadian Arts, Stratford, ON (2007 -17)

Circle Arts, Tobermory, ON (2016-17)

Main Street Gallery, Bayfield, ON (from 2011)

Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON (2007-18)
Petroff Gallery, Toronto, ON (2008-2013)